Disc Golf Dictionary

Whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer or new to the sport, this page serves as a comprehensive guide to the specialized language and terminology used in the exciting world of disc golf. From understanding disc types and flight characteristics to learning about different throws, techniques, and course features, this dictionary is your go-to resource for all things disc golf. Expand your disc golf vocabulary and deepen your knowledge of the game with our extensive collection of definitions and explanations. Let’s dive in and explore the language of disc golf together!


Backhand is a throwing technique where the player holds the disc with their thumb on the underside and their fingers on the top of the disc, and then throws the disc with their arm swinging from behind their body towards the target.


Forehand is a throwing technique in disc golf where the disc is released with the palm of the throwing hand facing forward, toward the target. This throwing technique is also known as a “sidearm” throw, as the arm is held out to the side during the throwing motion.