Backhand is a throwing technique where the player holds the disc with their thumb on the underside and their fingers on the top of the disc, and then throws the disc with their arm swinging from behind their body towards the target. The backhand throw is one of the most commonly used techniques in disc golf and is favored by many players for its accuracy and distance potential.

The backhand throw is similar to a regular overhand throw in other sports, but with the added twist of a disc-specific grip and release. The thrower will typically use their dominant hand to grip and throw the disc, and will pivot their body to generate power and torque to achieve maximum distance and accuracy.

To execute a backhand throw, the player will start with the disc in their hand, and bring it back behind their body with their arm extended. As they bring the disc forward, they will pivot their back foot and transfer their weight onto their front foot, generating power and torque to propel the disc towards the target. The thrower will then release the disc, allowing it to spin out of their hand and fly towards the target.

The backhand throw is a versatile technique that can be used for both straight and curved shots, and is often preferred by players for its control and precision. However, it does require practice and finesse to master, as the angle and release of the disc can greatly affect its flight path. With practice, a player can learn to use the backhand throw to achieve longer and more accurate shots, and become a skilled and competitive disc golfer.