Västerby Disc Golf Course

EIF Disc Golf maintains a disc golf course in Västerby. The course was built in 2002 and was one of Finland’s first 18-hole courses at that time. The current Västerby Disc Golf Course consists of 3 different courses, some of which have shared baskets.

Address: Västerbyvägen 41, 10620 Tammisaari
Coordinates: 59.990117, 23.407741

Course – A

The A-course is our recreational course and consists of holes on grass and rocky terrain. During the disc golf season, we organize rounds on the A-course. The course is intended for hobbyists.


The B-course is our competition course and spans across the entire area. The course consists mainly of grassy terrain, but also includes water hazards and rocky sections. National and international competitions are always played on the B-course. In 2013, the Finnish Disc Golf Championships were held in Västerby on the B-course.


The J-course is our junior course, designed for beginners and juniors. The course has 9 holes and short distances. Each hole is par 3.